My DIY Steadicam

Here is my DIY Steadicam.

Based off of ryan of t2i forums design (, which is based off the cotton candy design (
Modified to make it easier to thread camera onto it.

This was made for a canon t3i.

3 x 1/2″ pvc T joints
2 x 1/2″ pvc 90 degree elbows
2 x 1/2″ pvc 45 degree elbows
5 x 1/2″ pvc end caps
1 x 3×1/4″ quarter inch eyehole screw
4 x 2×1/4″ screws
25+ x Fender washers
1 x small washer (with a 1/4″ hole) to hold the eyehole screw away from the t joint.

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