My most recent reel:

Here is a collection of my best cinematography that I have made and or participated in.

Filming: Davis Beveridge, Riley Carson

Audio: Jay Cobb

Editing: Riley Carson

Audio from: What’s The Right Thing To Do?
“The Moral Side of Murder” by Michael Sandel

Readings from: The Apology, and Crito. by Plato


Entry to the 2012 Vancouver School of Arts and Academics Film Festival. Filmed/Edited in under 24 hours from April 27-28. The requirements were as follows:

-At least one “Dutch Titlt” styled shot
-Must include a cat “meow” sound effect
-A spork must appear in at least one scene
-At least one scene must take place at a staircase
-Must include at least one famous movie quote

We included two famous movie quotes for good measure. “Plastics” and “Yo, Adrian!”

Filmed on Canon T3i’s in downtown Vancouver, Washington


The 2013 Chamberlin Rail Jam in Big Sky, MT. It was a lot of fun and some crazy stuff went down. Song: Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Daze Remix)


Flew home for new years and to celebrate my middle brother’s wedding. Spencer Carson & Annelle Carson.

Made a little video documenting it in no particular order. Just some good times. Didn’t get many shots cause I was in the wedding, but I loved shooting it and would be happy to film more weddings!

Canon t3i.

Clams Casino – I’m God (Instrumental)


Filmed over the course of two weeks. First time using my t3i in a full edit. That’s why exposures and white balance is weird. It’s taking time to figure it out. but eventually i will.

Big Thanks to my sponsor, and check out are website

Skiiers: Tucker Shea, Cash Munro, Erik Bodén, Riley Carson


Don’t Stop (TheFatRatRemix) – Foster the People


The 2011 Olympus Rally in Ocean Shores, WA. Stages 4 & 5


Longboarding around Vancouver, Wa during summertime.

Song: In my time of dying (bob dylan tribute) New Law