Chamberlin 2013

Again, I have been absent for awhile. I was asked to come back and film the 2013 Chamberlin Railjam at Big Sky Resort in Montana. I was more than pleased to do it. Was not super stoked on the edit. I believe it was just because my skills are a little rusty with how much I have been working. But none the less, here is the video.

Chamberlin Rail Jam 2013 from Riley Carson on Vimeo.

Now In other news I was asked to participate in the 2013 Oregon Trail Rally and be Press/Media. I am super happy about this and cannot wait to see the turnout this year! I think I can snag some super awesome shots! Like this one from a previous year.
Red Saab OTR-wm-small

I also recently picked up a new GoPro Hero 3 Black edition and am super stoked to get to using that more. We will see all the cool functions and features I can utilize.

As always, cheers guys & gals!

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