• Reymer’s 2015 STI

    Soon to be tuned, this 2015 sti with a precision 6266 means business! We went out on this early fall morning and snapped a couple pictures out in the heart of the pacific northwest. I am very happy with these and tried out a 135mm lens that I rarely use!  

  • Chris Porter’s Bagged 03 WRX

    Just got back recently from a trip to the North Bend, Oregon area. Tuned Chris Porter’s air ride 03 wrx. Had so much fun tuning and Chris asked if I would bring my camera. This spurred on the idea that I would take a couple pictures of each car that I tune and give them …

  • Michaela’s 2007 Subaru Sti

    I had a lot of fun shooting these couple photos. I found a rebirth in my Helios USSR 58mm lens. It gives a nice soft glow that newer lenses cannot seem to achieve. I also launch my new site┬áR.Spec Tune. So you might start seeing that watermark on my car photos.  

  • Garrett GTX3582R

    This is a turbo that came into my shop. It is for a good friend of mine that has huge aspirations for his E30.