Banshee Rune ft. Mylan Smith

I got the chance to work alongside Ruandy Albisurez and film this edit of Local Banshee Bikes team rider and son of his, Mylan Smith. He shreds so hard on a bike, and it was hard to portray while still keep a solid vibe throughout the edit. We both got a chance to experiment with new equipment and tools of each others, sliders, glidecams, jibs, gopro’s etc. We tried to incorporate many different angles as well as a variety of content. I am very happy with the way this turned out and hope to pursue more downhill/freeride/bike filming in the future!

This was shot on the Banshee Bikes, 2014 Rune. On location at local trails by the Cold Creek Mountain Bikers, cold creek trail, as well as thrillium. We got lucky with some of the gorgeous lighting, but it was a sever challenge to find time in all of our schedules to make these shots work.

I feel blessed to be able to work with and learn from these guys and I really hope that it showed through in the final quality of the edit!



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