• Michaela’s 2007 Subaru Sti

    I had a lot of fun shooting these couple photos. I found a rebirth in my Helios USSR 58mm lens. It gives a nice soft glow that newer lenses cannot seem to achieve. I also launch my new site┬áR.Spec Tune. So you might start seeing that watermark on my car photos.  

  • Garrett GTX3582R

    This is a turbo that came into my shop. It is for a good friend of mine that has huge aspirations for his E30.

  • Horizontal Motorsports

    Grabbin a few shots around work recently. Going to be transitioning into more of a media oriented position here! 12345►    

  • Sean V Chuck Banging Gears

    Had a little fun with this one recently. Wish I had collected more footage. Hopefully I will be shooting much more of these cars in the near future. Big shoutout to Zwingfilms, for being a constant inspiration.